BorderTowne Cooperative Homes

Border Towne Co-op is a 54 unit apartment complex,
Located at 757 Nancy Road, Fort Erie. Each unit has a fridge and stove. The Co-op also has a playground, Laundry room, Office and a Meeting room. The 54 units consisting of
Units.      Size        
(27)    1 Bedroom    
(18)    2 Bedrooms   
(9)      3 Bedrooms   

Cooperatives are owned and managed by the members who live in the units, and governed through an elected Board of Directors, in accordance with applicable legislation and their own by-laws. Cooperatives have their own by-laws and restrictions regarding pets, and the rules will vary among individual cooperatives.
The key difference between a co-op and other non-profit housing is that members are required to volunteer their time to help with the running of their co-op.